Thursday, August 27, 2009

It has begun

Now I remember why I decided not to take a class this summer.

While my Fall class is not very difficult, it does occupy a chunk of my schedule and now that school season has begun I'm juggling more schtuff. This week it was me school, Junior school, Junior kickboxing, house tidying, relocating laundry piles, work of course, training one day, a bit of volunteerism here and there, and Etsy (things have picked up considerably now that summer's over). And then of course if I don't have to take Junior to the ER at least once every couple of months I start to wonder what is missing in my life. Hehe! Today he had to stay home and I stayed home with him, sleeping most of the day!

I got up from a blessed morning nap, walked through the rooms and said to myself, "This is your house on graduate school."

Now my turtles are staring me down so I better go feed them and get some supper ready. Praise the Lord for microwaves!

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