Monday, June 2, 2008

Actual Work Getting Done

This weekend was so productive! I actually managed to fix my computer, which has been on the fritz for over a month, all by my widdle self. You cannot imagine the workarounds I've been doing to get from 1. photography --> 2. image editing --> 3. upload to Internet, using the combined attributes of 1. a new laptop with not enough software, 2. an old borrowed Tablet PC with a wonky wireless card, 3. an old dual media digital camera (nice macro, no driver...), and 4. an external floppy drive. I got so much *else* done thanks to having ONE computer again that does everything I need (plus scan and print).

I'd like to take credit for the fix cause I always feel so macho when I tame a machine, but actually it was two coworkers who told me what to do. See, I had fiddled with the monitor settings and totally screwed things up. My coworker goes, "Did you boot it up with F8?" I say, "Uh, no. What's F8?" He says, "You don't know about F8?" (Hey I'm a driver, not a mechanic.) I said, "I have gaps." He says, "Oh, F8 is great." My other coworker goes, "Then you can Restore your computer to back before the crash." (Nice of her to phrase it that way knowing it wasn't a "crash," it was me thinking I was smarter than Bill Gates.). And so I did! Those simple words of theirs. Who'd have thought? And it didn't cost a dime! I was ready to haul the thing in and pay some gamer half my age to fix it...

So anyway, I made jewelry. Lots of new things in the pipeline. I read a book. I took a nap. We went to a movie. Etsy sales were fairly awesome in May so Saturday I treated myself to some silver findings from New Mexico Bead and Fetish. How lucky am I to have not one, but two bead stores just two blocks away? Or maybe it's not luck, it's too much temptation...

Plus the local bakery (aka Golden Crown panaderia) had sent out flyers in the neighborhood, advertising a pizza family special, so after spending my dough (har har) on silver I went down there and ordered the most deliciosa green chile pizza, a huge salad, and cheese bread takeout. I've adored their empanadas but never sampled their pizza and let me tell you mama was not holding back. Hey it's a bit more than Dominos, but such flavor!

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