Sunday, June 8, 2008

Viva la Fiesta!

Last night we went to our church's fiestas. As usual, the patron saint of parking spaces was looking over Papa and even though the festivities were well underway, he found a spot just inside Old Town. My mother is visiting from Kentucky and she LOVED it. She's been there many times of course, but never during Fiestas. Plus, she is 85 and told me this her last trip out. Not to worry, she's still plenty spunky -- she can slam a car door, talk politics, and shop with the best of them. She just doesn't like travelling out here anymore, the hassle, the luggage, the sitting for long periods in a cramped seat, etc.

So we bought a few tokens, wandered around the plaza (the gazebo, I must say, was decorated beautifully), listened to the music, and people watched. At one point she nudged me and pointed out an older man dressed in a friar's robe, and said, "Gasp! Is that the priest dancing?" No ma, he's just dressed like one, probably for the procession. We saw a couple of other similar "priests" lolling about after that.

There were young girls in flower crowns...families rustling up burgers and Indian tacos in the food booths, tattoed gents in locs with their girls, parents and grandparents parked on the Old Town benches, kids running around, carnival rides, couples dancing in front of the gazebo, and of course the little bingo booth on the church patio. It was so perfect, I had this odd sensation I was actually on a movie set. And have you ever noticed, carnivals and such have such gaiety, but also this spooky vibe too, as though if you accidentally wandered off into a quiet, dark alley you'd meet the Devil himself. Instead (whew!), we went into the church gift shop and Ma bought a chunky little handcarved statue of San Pascal for her stove then we came outside and got a soda, and sat on the church wall bench for awhile before heading home.

Yesterday we drove up to the Folk Art Museum and I finally bought their book on amulets and milagros from around the world. Someday I hope to have all their publications, but unfortunately none of them have my favorite little doll in them. She's a little, flat Kali doll with a sword draped across her right shoulder, and her left arm hung straight down, palm forward, like a temple dancer. She's blue, of course, with an eye on her forehead. Her skirt and wrapped top are decorated with little bells. For my niece's sake, mostly, we had lunch at La Fonda, so she could see the place, before heading back home for nap time before Fiestas. (I love hanging with napping travellers! It so fits my rhythm ;-)

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  1. Wow, what a great time! You make me PINE for the southwest, how I miss it so.

    xo, Monica :)


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