Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cyndi Lavin's Bead Journal Project

I meant to post this earlier but it's okay that I didn't because Cyndi has added yet another month to her BJP (Bead Journal Project). I love her theme. Years ago my students and I used to compile month (moon) names in various Native American languages for an annual calendar. When the web happened, we put them on our website but that was years ago. So I enjoyed seeing how Cyndi tuned in to the moon and the months in her BJP.

Check it out: Why Not Art BJP


  1. Aren't Cyndi's pages stunning? Have you checked out the BJP website yet? Great eye candy there.


  2. Oh thanks for reminding me Arline! I meant to post a link to the BJP site...I'll do that in a separate post manana. 8-)


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