Monday, June 2, 2008

New Jewelry Offerings

On Sunday, I rearranged the categories in my Etsy jewelry shop in the hopes of explaining WTH I'm doing...LOL. I like to use vintage components, repurposing them into simple jewelry thangs. So I made a "repurposed" category. I'm still very loyal to seed beadwork though it's a tough sell for most of us. Southwestern stones and style will always be close to my heart. And I love using things I find in jewelry -- I'm not exactly a recycled jewelry native but I am familiar with the landscape. ;-) Etc. etc. I thought the new groupings were more logical actually than "earrings," "pins" etc. I hope. ;-)

Here are a couple of new offerings, one from last week, "before the great macho computer fix," and one from just yesterday:
Vintage cabochon in a (I think it's vintage?) copper pinback setting,
with a vintage turquoise bird fetish and gemstone beads. Rather petite.

Amazingly amazing clear vintage beads covered up with metal wire mesh.
Handmade earring wires. It's unusual vintage finds like these that make me all crazy happy!

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