Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cottonwood Tree Handpainted Tiles

I'm so excited about my first tile painting project! I've been dreaming for years about putting some hand painted tiles in my bathroom, and now I finally have a chance, since we are renovating.

I snapped this picture with my cell phone when I went to pick up my project!

I couldn't find a tile making or tile painting class when I needed one, so I ended up going to Art Attack in Albuquerque this past Friday evening, with a friend from work. (Turns out they have Ladies' Night there the first Friday of every month, btw). They have the usual fairies and vases and plates and whatnot, as well as tiles in two sizes.

Mine are 4", and my little tree is proportioned for a narrow wall in the cubby where the sink is. The colors turned out just the way I'd hoped!

A single coat gives you a watery, uneven color coverage, and three coats give you a rich solid color. So I used 3 different blues for the sky, and two browns for the tree. I tried to stay conscious of the direction of my brushstrokes, in case they showed. The mountains are kind of faded and purplish -- just the way I hoped they'd look. I thought my glaze might be too dark so I wiped off some of the dry glaze, and I'm so glad I did. I also wiped off some areas in the sky to look like clouds.



  1. really lovely tiles - and how wonderful to have your own work as part of your house.

  2. Thanks Kipper, I'm excited! There was the option to frame it and hang it, but everyone voted to slap it on the wall!

  3. fun tiles!! I too want to do something with are inspiring me.

  4. fun tiles!! I too want to do something with are inspiring me.


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