Thursday, January 12, 2012

Diary of a New Studio -- Lights!

Hmmmmm... I guess I could make this light work. But shouldn't a fool princess
like me have a chandelier or something?
Thanks to the MOTH and his Goodwill adventures, I've got a couple
to choose from. The bottom one looks kinda dangerous!

For closeup work, I'll rely on my army of Otts:
All of these came from thrift stores, including my favorite, the one
on the left, which includes a fold-out magnifier. I've had the one
in the middle for nigh on 15 years, and only have had to change the
bulb once. The white one is battery powered, perfect for taking to classes.
I also have a floor Ott light around here somewhere...
(Note the new purple carpet! Wooo!)

For a decorative touch, I've decided to move my black and salmon
painted lamp and table into the studio. I'll probably put my music on the table.
It has great storage and shelving underneath.

Stay tuned :-)

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