Friday, January 13, 2012

What I Found in the Tin

Last night I went out to the MOTH's hoarder work room and stole this amazing tin I hadn't noticed before. I just assumed it was filled with junk (as opposed to junque).

Was I wrong!

I kept pulling out these great, unique little objects, one after another.

I'm so grateful to whoever the special person was who decided to tuck
these little treasures together. Pictured above is about 1/2 the stash,
which also included little bunches of beads and jewelry findings.


  1. love the mini handcuffs -- what a hoot!

  2. how the heck did my tin end up in your honey's stash????

  3. I know, I keep thinking of a storyline for all this loot -- I think the handcuffs are for the monkeys.


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