Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Studio -- Color Inspiration

Pink, salmon, putty. With a touch of leaf green.

Bob Marley was here already -- he might have to stay.
The gray-blue walls won't, though...

And now to select the color for the accent wall...
This is my second batch of swatches. I was going for cinnamon at first,
but now I'm over in fuschia territory. Decisions... Bob?
"Lively up yourself...and don't be no drag!"

Salmon (is basically rusty pink) and an old Pendleton blanket.
Some people would buy the furniture before they acquired the bedding...
But what the heck, at Ross, the kitschy palm tree pillow was only $5.00
and the fluffy thing in the back was $12.00. I have found Ross to have
the best prices on pillows, especially compared to Hobby Lobby
(even with their 40% off coupons).

Stay tuned :-)

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