Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jewelbox Ballerina's Millinery Tutorials

I stumbled upon this tutorial from Jewelbox Ballerina and thought it could teach me some simple techniques for stabilizing all kinds of weird unique little found items for use in my jewelry and beadwork:

Doncha LOVE the photo above? I bought and paid and downloaded, and was not disappointed -- there are clear photos for every single step, along with a picture at the beginning of each project showing exactly what supplies you'll need.

Plus, Eliza has a great web presence and in addition to her Esty shop, she lists online supply sources in her Free Tutorials section.

I just love her color choices and her attention to detail. These aren't just glue gun tutes (although you'll need one), Eliza shows how to make your little items securely, with good quality materials.

Always happy to find inspiration! Now if I could only find my florists tape...

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