Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet Geraldina, She Loves Picasa

I promise I won't spend the entire summer outing Picasa's craft book hoarders, I promise! Ary's photos were apparently removed. So I scrolled to the next name on my favorites list, and wow! Although there are only 4 pirated craft books in this account:
Geraldina has been amazingly busy. (Look at her linked galleries in the right column.) She's got at least 13 different gmail accounts and just as many Picasa public galleries. Containing over 900 pirated books -- not pages, BOOKS. Let's say each book averages 20 pages, and that would be 18,000 pages. Eighteen THOUSAND. Give or take. (Who even knew there were 95 book on foamy craft!) Yes, Geraldina is quite the archivist.
Hmmm. Wonder if we could put a monetary value on that. Let's say the average price for each book was $8.00 (probably a low estimate, but a lot of them looked like those craft store pamphlets). Multiply that by 900 books, and Ms. Geraldina has saved herself (and everybody else) over $7,200.
And this is why I have a problem with Picasa. Judy B-G (see the comments in my previous Picasa post) said that in order to file the removal request when she sees her bead crochet books being pirated, she would have to mail in copies of every single page -- for every single incident. What a hassle. What kind of advanced degree does it take for the poor minion at Picasa in charge of deleting stuff to be able to LOOK at the thumbnails (assuming they look at the "inappropriate content" flagging) and see it is not possible to own the rights to 900 books in at least 2 languages, or at least to question the person who uploaded them before removing them?
Allo? Google? Is this thing on? ;-)

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  1. Whoa. It still astounds me. I wish you could report people/email ids, and not just albums. Do you know if it's possible to report email ids?


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