Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mysterious Etsy Hits & Hearts

I guess it all started when I responded to an Etsy thread about your item with the most hits that hasn't sold yet. At the time these fairy tree earrings had a couple hundred hits (big in my world, LOL). The hits went up a couple hundred, I guess, after that thread.

And then yesterday an amazing thing happened -- I actually sold some jewelry! Now, I've been quiet and mature and patient, and really appreciate Monkey Girl and my coworkers and all, but yesterday, this was a sale to a complete stranger, which always makes you feel like Sally Field in her Oscar acceptance speech (don't make me say it here).

So right before I left work, I checked my shop hearts, and they were the same as they were maybe 3 days ago. I go home, goof around for awhile, then get online and notice I've got like a dozen more hearts than I did an hour and a half before. Usually this happens when you get into an Etsy Treasury or something, or somebody posts about you on their blog. I checked, but couldn't find me anywhere (not unusual, as my family can attest to, LOL).

After investigating a bit, I happened to notice my fairy tree earrings had like 700 hits and 4 million (ok, maybe 50) hearts. Buh??? I posted to the forum about it, hoping someone had an explanation. Suggestions, yes, explanation, no.

Is it fairy magic? A secret "pimp" (how I hate that word) on Facebook? I may never know, but all this jabbering helps me avoid the next question...how many hearts and hits does it take to sell these puppies already? Oy!

Naw, not complaining. I love a mystery. Really I do. Like how pizza boxes close -- magic! Or how spores know what to do next. That sort of thing. Ok, back to sleuthing...

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