Friday, May 30, 2008


Did you see this story in the news today???

amazonian indigenous tribe uncontacted Survival International did a fly-over of this "uncontacted group" of people in the Amazon. I'm having a hard time digesting this. Talk about two worlds colliding. And these people are ready to take down a flying machine (or at least the photographer in it) with bows and arrows. I don't know whether to cry or laugh but I'm leaning toward crying.


  1. I did see that this morning, and it unsettled me.
    They may still be "uncontacted", but they're certainly no longer unviolated.

    Gives me shivers.

  2. Crystal, it is just heartbreaking beyond belief. I just don't have the hope or the heart to think eventual "contact" will be much different, or any less damaging, than all the previous "contacts." :-(


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