Friday, May 2, 2008

The Versa-Loom in Action

Sally assembles the Versa-loom by snapping the pieces together.

Indulge me. 8-) I first posted these images on my old blog. Today on Beadchat someone mentioned the Versa-Loom, a warpless wonder developed by Rita Sova. We played with the prototype at a retreat and here are some of the pictures we took (a couple of years ago).

(Psssst. A warpless loom is strung up in such a way that you don't have to weave in the warp threads when you're done with the weft part. But to do this, you have to know how long your project will be. The Versa-Loom is modular, so you can put pieces together to create longer weavings.)

Bonnie says it took her about 15 minutes to warp the loom (her second time)
and about 2 hours to completethe bracelet above. She added the clasp the next day.

Alternating rows of decorative fibers with size 5-0 triangle
beads makes the bracelet project go very quickly.

Barb finishes up her fuzzy bracelet. ;-) Note the high tech headgear.
That's how you spot a hard-core beadworker!

The Versa-Loom website

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