Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Old-fashioned children's photos from Dover

Darn that kid -- give your fairy king grandpa his little
playing cards back before you get them all slobbery!

This week my Dover free clip-art email included a link to a wonderful book of Old-Fashioned Children's photos, so tempting for digital editing -- there, if I'd had a poppet hat I would have used it. ;-)

I used PaintShop Pro to edit the image -- using layers, preset picture tubes and a crown clipart image. Plus a bit of tinting using the paintbrush.

Feel free to use the edited image, if you like. But for non-commercial use only, please. 8-) Or I'll send grandpa fairy king after you. ;-)

In my Flickr album, y'all.

Pssst, to get your own clip art sampler delivered by email you can sign up at Dover.


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  2. Very cute! I still haven't grasped the concept of layering, did you take a class or figure it all out yourself?


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