Friday, May 2, 2008

More Versa-Loom Projects

Here are some photos of a few things you can make with the Versa-Loom (see my previous post for more):

Rita's cool open spaces loomed bracelet design... she calls the bottom
one Rainbow Squares. Both are made with Delica beads, the top one in metallic gold.

MIxed bead sizes are used above to create a cool textural effect
(Sarah says the picturesdidn't come out as nice as the bracelets though...)

The top bracelet also uses mixed bead sizes. The bottom -- very cool, eh? --
uses metal & rhinestone slider components.

Sarah often sells Versa-loom made bracelets in her Etsy shop.

The Versa-Loom website


  1. I have the versa loom but haven't used it yet. Do you like it better than the other kind?

  2. Hi Miz Free 8-) I am more familiar with the other kind and I haven't practiced enough with the Versa Loom to get really comfortable warping it like Sarah (beadnik), she swears by it, esp. for bracelets.


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