Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Claudia Vargas at SFIFAM

Another photo from the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market (this could go on for days you know . . .). This is Claudia Vargas and she was SO funny. She makes art, such as retablos, from recycled materials. She is a veteran of the market, and she brought a basket full of "cameras" made of beer cans, wire, etc. When you move a wire, the camera pops open -- and out -- to reveal a silly face.

She was standing at the edge of her booth "shooting" people's pictures as they walked by and she was really cracking herself up! There was, of course, no shortage of new victims for her prank as the place was packed. We shared a good laugh and then we walked on but then I saw she was entertaining herself so much -- she could probably go on for hours! (tears were nearly rolling down her face) I finally went back and took her picture. I said, "uno, dos . . ." and she popped the camera, LOL!

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