Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Often -- a New Poll!

vintage typewriter Victorian womanIt's been forever since I put up a poll on my blog. I really enjoy them. This one asks . . .

"How Often Do You Create?"

Let's not get too metaphysical or too biological, ok? LOL! I was looking for a concise way to ask how often you sit down to make stuff, write stuff, whatever it is you do.

(Look in the left column. You can check more than one box, by the way.)

As for me, I've been in school and working full-time for way too long, so my creative time is severely limited. Not good. I can only go so long folding paper or stringing a simple necklace, and then I feel at odds with myself and the world. So for the past several months, I've been scheduling time away from work, in the middle of the week, to go to OFFCenter and make stuff, my stuff, get messy, spread out, you know, holla from the inside out. And I've also been signing up for more classes than usual this year -- the all-day or all-weekend kind, even though I do not have time, and I work my tushie off in them, because I know I won't get another chance to bury myself in it for awhile.

So, my answers were -- I create 3 or 4 days a week (for a very short time or longer on weekends if I'm lucky), and it's not enough! 8-)

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