Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still Can't Throw it Away?

Forever and ago, when I was a graphic arts instructor, I LOVED Adobe Magazine, which I received free at my workplace. I pored over the articles and shared the color lessons with my students. When I switched jobs, I moved a stack of the old magazines, now out of print, with me, because I couldn't bear to part with them.

Last spring, I had to clean out 20 years of precious clutter in my lab and storage area, before leaving for a completely new job. I knew I had to part with the magazines, but I couldn't seem to let them go completely, so I tore off the covers, thinking I'd use them in collages.

They sat in a file folder in my bedroom, of all places, until this past weekend when I started the grand Studio Redo. Last night, I sat down to watch Nightmare Before Christmas with Junior, and made a little pile of envelopes out of the rich, beautiful magazine covers. The technology in the original articles has changed many times over, but the gorgeous, bold colors are still current.

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