Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Studio Redo

I spent the better part of this (hot!) weekend digging into my studio and organizing things. I got all my papers, paper bits, ATC, envelope templates, etc. thoroughly weeded, organized, and put away. I got my fabric organized too. Whew! I also came out of the studio with a large box of stuff for OFFCenter.

I also organized all my old photos, and vintage labels. Plus I set aside a cardboard box for journals to cover and old books to alter. I think I have about 1,000 vintage cigar bands. I bought them in lots so I could get the dozen or so I love and use all the time, LOL.

Among the other odd little items I gave their own small containers? Little plastic skull buckets, artificial flowers, and broken old dolls. Don't ask. They are neatly labelled so you can look for yourself if you ever come over. ;-)

The sad part is, when you walk into the studio and look around, you can't even tell! I have some serious reorganizing yet to do.

I need another couple of containers for rubber stamps that have somehow mated and spawned offspring in there in the past couple of years...

And then, I know I have several small boxes of weird electrical parts and metal things I picked up off the ground, stuffed under my worktable but I haven't gotten to that layer of excavation yet. (I do feel like an archaeologist, digging through my own past...)

Need to rethink the glue storage. And absolutely rework the polymer clay (dis)organization. And did you know that those little plastic bottles of acrylic paint dry out in a couple of years??? What a rip off, my fabric paints from 20 years ago are mostly still good. They are in glass jars.

Among my most organized things are my beads. Years ago, when I got tired of spending twenty minutes looking for the beads I wanted and I only had 30 minutes to bead in the first place, I got compulsive and organized everything into labelled drawers and compartment trays. To this day, I can still walk into the studio and find the beads I need. So that is my motivation to KEEP GOING! I can do this! . . . kerthunk.

P.S. To keep myself totally honest, I took "before" photos of my studio. But there is no way I'm posting them here! Maybe alongside the "after" photos. Maybe. Until then, the MOTH can always blackmail me with them, LOL!

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