Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sarah and I met up in Santa Fe to go to the International Folk Art market tomorrow. Here we are at the Econolodge. Sarah says the curtains look like William Morris on bad acid. It might be hard to tell in the photo (and if so I'll be embarassed for saying this) but it looks like there is something in the valance that's giving the finger to something up above it.

The guitar is, yes, petite. My DH found it at Goodwill for Sarah because she had a vision of covering a guitar with beads. Better to start with a small one eh? (The guy coming into the hotel at the same time as me said, "Is that a camp guitar?" and I just said, "Yeah, I think so." Whatever a camp guitar is...)

Sarah's friend in the northwest sent her a huge box of beads. That is what's on the table. We are pawing through them to see who gets what. The arm wrestling commences tomorrow . . .

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