Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Recycled Paper Thangs

recycled paper envelopes These are foldover notes made from an old map and some discarded masking sheets. Masking sheets are used to align the film negatives before burning a plate to be hung on a printing press.

envelope tutorial These are not envelopes per se and they don't need glue -- you cut a slit in them to tuck the flap into. I suppose you could put something inside, but you'd probably need to tape the flap shut.

recycled paper art See?

I got the template from Mirkwood Designs. (It's called the "postage stamp" envelope.) I printed it onto sturdy index stock and cut it out and I've used the template for a few years already!

  • I just draw around the template lightly with a pencil (which can be lightly erased later), then cut with scissors.
  • The papers I used here won't scratch easily because they're coated, so I creased the folds with the help of a plastic hotel room access card.
  • Then I unfolded the orange sheets and stamped them with gray solvent ink (dries fast and works better than most other inks on coated papers).

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