Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eyes and Hands and Art

children's art

This week at Summerfest I finally remembered to bring an actual camera instead of just a cell phone. Much better results! I loved photographing our visitors, and they seemed to enjoy being photographed (adults, and kids with parents' permission of course).

As I was editing the photos I especially noticed the eyes and the hands. Most adults hate having their picture taken -- but the kids looked right into the camera and seemed to smile straight from the heart. How joyous and proud artmaking makes them feel!

The hand gestures -- I actually noticed those while I was shooting because it's one way you can tell how engaged a child is in their work. See how these sisters hold their butterflies? Like mudras? I just love the unselfconscious gestures and all the others I witnessed Saturday night. (See OFFCenter's blog for more photos.)

By the way, did you notice how perfectly these girls' butterflies coordinate with their face paint and outfits? OMG, fashionistas in the making!

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